Fix Microsoft Edge Does Not Remember Passwords

Fix Microsoft Edge Does Not Remember Passwords

Passwords are excellent security tools preventing unauthorized persons from accessing various information. But keeping up with all of your passwords is not that easy. This is because the average computer user utilizes 20 to 40 passwords and managing them is not an easy task.

Learning all these passwords by heart is a bit difficult — that’s why many prefer to use the same password on all of their accounts. Luckily, browsers can now save your username and password so you don’t need to learn all your passwords by heart or always keep a password notebook at hand.

Well, this password-saving feature may sometimes not work and Microsoft Edge may not remember your passwords. But there are some troubleshooting steps you can pursue to fix the problem.

Microsoft Edge Won’t Remember Passwords

1. Re-enable Show most used apps

  1. Open the Settings app and go to Personalization
  2. Select Start and locate the option Show most used apps
  3. Turn this feature on — if it’s already enabled, disable it and then re-enable it.

2. Allow cookies in Edge

If you blocked cookies in Edge, this could also affect the browser’s ability to save and remember your passwords.

  1. Launch the browser and click the menu
  2. Select Settings → go to your Profile
  3. Enable Offer to save password and Save from entries
  4. Go to Site Permissions and allow cookies
  5. Restart your browser and check if the password problem is gone.

3. Enable Microsoft Credential Manager

If the Microsoft Credential Manager is disabled, Windows 10 and Edge won’t be able to access the passwords you previously saved.

To fix the problem, you need to make sure the Credential Manager is running.

  1. Go to Windows Search and type services
  2. Open the Services app and locate the Credential Manager
  3. Select it and make sure the service is active
  4. If it’s already running, double click on it, disable it and then re-enable it.

4. Clear your browser history and cookies

Previously saved data such as cookies, your browsing history and other temporary files may prevent Edge from remembering your passwords. Clearing that data should help.

  1. Launch Edge, click on the menu and select History
  2. Click on Clear browsing data and select your history, cookies and cache
  3. Hit the Clear now button and restart your browser.

5. Disable extensions

Make sure your extensions or add-ons are not interfering with Edge’s password saving feature. Start by disabling all of your extensions and check if the problem is gone.

If Edge can save and remember passwords without any problem with the extensions disabled, identify the culprit and uninstall the problematic extension.

If nothing worked, consider using a password manager.