How to Cancel Google Play Music Subscription

How to Cancel Google Play Music Subscription

The idea of having to switch to YouTube Music is not one your very fond of. So, before Google Play Music is gone, you want to cancel your subscription. Don’t worry about not using your subscription after canceling since you can use it until the next billing date.

The steps are easy to follow, and they will show you how you can cancel your Play Musc subscription on Android and on your computer. You never know which device you might be on when you decide to cancel.

How to Cancel a Google Play Music Subscription on Android

To cancel your Play subscription on any Android device, open the app and tap on the menu (three horizontal lines). Go to:

  • Settings
  • Tell Google why you want to leave
  • Choose the Subscriptions option
  • Select Cancel, and you’ll also see how much longer you can use Play Music
  • Tap Cancel

After going through these steps, make sure to check your inbox since Google will send you an email regarding your cancellation.

How to Cancel Google Play Music Subscription Using Web App

To cancel your Play Music subscription using the web page, you’ll need to sign in to your account. Once you’re in, click on the three-lined menu and go to Settings.

Look for the Cancel Subscription option under the Account section, and select it. Just like in the mobile version, you’ll be asked why you’re leaving. If you changed your mind and want to keep your subscription, tap on Never Mind. To continue, choose a reason and select Continue.


If you haven’t found the music service that’s going to replace Play Music, during your search, you’ll find quite a few to choose from. It’s all going to depend if you want the music service to just listen to music, or you also want to upload music as well.