How to Change the Default Browser on iOS

How to Change the Default Browser on iOS

iOS has always been less flexible than Android and as a result, there are many options that iPhone users just don’t have. One features that iOS just didn’t support was the ability to change the default browser. While you could install and use different browsers if you wanted, any links would be opened in Safari.

With the release of iOS 14, one of the big changes is that you can finally change your default browser if you want to. This means that you don’t have to deal with Safari anymore if you don’t want to, although you still won’t be able to uninstall it, unfortunately.

To be able to change the default browser, you need an alternative to Safari already installed. There are plenty of options to choose from that have a variety of advantages over Safari. For example, some browsers offer slicker user interfaces, while others include ad-blocking by default. In the end, it all comes down to personal preference.

Once you’ve got a browser installed that you want to set as the default, open the Settings app. You need to scroll down and tap the browser’s entry in the app list at the bottom of the page.

Open the Settings app, then scroll down to the app list at the bottom of the page and tap on the entry for your preferred browser.
In the browser’s settings, tap on “Default Browser App” to manage which browser is your default.

Tip: Browsers have to be approved by Apple to support being set as the system default. If this option doesn’t appear for your preferred browser, then it is possible that it hasn’t been approved yet. To double-check this, try getting in contact with the developers of the browser.

In the browser settings, tap the “Default Browser App” option.

On the next page, you can select which browser you want to be your default. Any supported browser will show up in this list. Simply tap the browser that you want to be your default, so that it has a tick icon on the right-hand side.

Tap the browser that you want to be your new default, so it has a blue tick icon on the right-hand side.