How to Invite Someone to Discord

How to Invite Someone to Discord

Discord is a multiplatform communications app designed for gamers. It features text, voice, and video communications as well as support for servers, private messages, and emoji. All in all, it’s a very slick free communication app that makes it appealing not just to gamers but many other users too.

If you’re wanting to set up reliable Discord communications with your friends and acquaintances that you occasionally play games with, then you should set up a server. Once you’ve done so, you need to invite your friends to join your server. There are plenty of ways to invite people to your server, and a few options that you can configure.

How to create an invite

If you’ve just created a new server, the welcome message includes a link that you can click to create an invite.

Tip: This method is only really accessible shortly after a server is created as it will be pushed out of view.

The welcome message in a new server includes a link you can click to invite users.
You can also click on the “Create Invite” icon that appears next to the channel title for the channel that you are currently in or if you hover your mouse over the title of another channel.

Click “Create Invite” next to the channel titles.

If you click on the server title in the top-left corner, the second option, “Invite People” allows you to create an invite link.

Click on the server icon in the top-left corner, then click “Invite People”.

If you right-click on the server icon in the server icon list on the left-hand side, the second option is “Invite People”.

Right-click on the server icon on the right-hand side, then click “Invite People”.
Tip: Not all of these invite methods will be available on all servers, you need certain permissions, and you might not be granted them in servers that you don’t run.

By default, invite links will be valid for 24 hours, you can click “Copy” to copy the URL, or you can send invites straight to any of your open private message chats by clicking “Invite” next to the respective name of the user or group DM.

Note: Despite the Discord interface saying that the list is of your friends, its actually a list of your private and group messages.

In the invite screen you can copy the invite link or directly send it to one of your open private message chats.

How to change the settings for invites
Just underneath the invite link in the invite box, is some small text explaining that “Your invite link expires in 1 day”. Next to that text is a link titled “Edit invite link”, if you click this, you can configure some settings for the link.

By default, invite links are valid for 24 hours, you can change this so that the link expires after 30 minutes, 1, 6, or 12 hours, alternatively you can set it to never expire. Once the time limit has been reached the link will expire.

Each link also defaults to an unlimited number of uses, this can cause issues if your invite link is shared when you don’t want it to be. You can set a maximum number of uses for each link, the options are 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100 uses. Once a link has reached its maximum number of uses it will expire.

Finally, you can also configure invites to only grant temporary membership. If this setting is enabled, the link generally works as normal. Any users that join via the link, however, will be automatically kicked when they disconnect from Discord, unless they are assigned at least one server role. This option can be particularly useful if you want to invite a random person for a one-off gaming session.

You can configure an expiration timer and a maximum number of uses for an invite link, as well as if it grants permanent or temporary server membership.