How to Start a WhatsApp Group Video Call

How to Start a WhatsApp Group Video Call

Some time ago, WhatsApp was not on the priority list when it came to making video calls. The number of participants it allowed was too little. But, now, WhatsApp allows up to eight people on a single call.

The good news is that there is more than one way to start a group video call on WhatsApp. Thay way, you can choose the method that’s more comfortable for you. You can start by calling one person and add more people. Or, you can add all the participants at once.

How to Start a WhatsApp Group Call One Participant at a Time

Let’s say that you’re already on a call with a friend and want to call a few more. To add more participants to an already existing call, tap anywhere on your screen until the person icon with a plus sign appears and tap on it. You’ll need to do this quickly since the option will hide again after a few seconds.

The down-side to this option is that you can only add people one at a time. If you don’t feel like adding others this way, you should create the video call with the following method.

How to Group Call Various People at Once on WhatsApp

If the call needs to have various users initially, this is the option to use. Open WhatsApp and go to the Call tab. Tap on the phone icon at the bottom right and then tap on the Group call option and choose up to seven other users. WhatsApp allows up to 8, including you.

Once you’ve chosen who will be in the call, tap on the camera icon to the right of the contacts.


If the video call’s purpose is to be in touch with friends and catch up, WhatsApp is a good option for small groups. But, if you need to do things such as share your screen or other similar tasks, other more professional options are available such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom.